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Driving Impact: Social Good and Environmental Stewardship at Project Biotech

Welcome to Project Biotech, where 'corporate' social responsibility isn't just another business buzzword. We're not your average suit-and-tie kind of company. Our commitment to Social Good and Environmental Stewardship isn't just a checkbox for us - it's the heart and soul of what we do.

We're rewriting our role as a business. Join us on this adventure where sustainability meets a splash of rebellion. Find grant opportunities that break the mold and sustainable technology initiatives that shout 'difference.' We're not just making waves; we're steering our ship toward a better, greener future. Let's go... together!

Our Social Good Initiatives


sustainable products reduce overflowing landfills

Instead of making our signature orthotics with the conventional silicone processes that are extremely harmful to the environment and contribute to landfills, we manufacture our orthotics with an innovative, recyclable, and sustainable 3D printed design that provides your feet the same health benefits at a lower environmental cost.

At Project Biotech, making our patent-pending orthotics doesn't use large amounts of energy or fossil fuels and produces far less waste than other traditional manufacturing practices while still remaining durable and supportive to your feet. Our sustainable TPU material is recyclable and biodegradable, but we don't recommend dropping them in your compost without adding the proper enzymes. We believe every little bit counts when it comes to protecting our planet, and we're always exploring new ways to innovate and make a positive impact.

Smart Shipping

recyclable packaging is eco-friendly

Did you know that packaging uses a large fraction of the world's plastics and paper? In fact, 40% of Europe's plastic and 50% of Europe's paper were used for packaging. What's more, packaging leads to 36% of plastic waste around Europe. And products packaged in big boxes need more space and more delivery trucks. In the midst of the climate crisis, what is the solution to reduce waste from packaging?

We've conducted extensive research into how companies like IKEA, Amazon, and Patagonia are successfully implementing sustainable shipping strategies. Based on our findings, we've decided to package our orthotics in recyclable zip lock bags, which offer a number of benefits over traditional containers. These bags are reusable, widely accepted for recycling, and have a smaller footprint due to their lighter weight.

Dark Web Theme

dark screens and themes are better for the environment

At Project Biotech, we're always looking for ways to help the environment, even if it's something as small as our website's dark theme. Less power to light your screen saves battery life on your phone and reduces the amount of energy that our website uses.

We apply the same sustainable mindset for our orthotics. These activities may be simple, but they're effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint. And we're proud to say that we're doing our part to create a more sustainable future.

Project Biotech Grant Program

Giving back to the Lift And Shift Foundation was just the start of the Project Biotech Grant Program. This initiative aims to support other impactful organizations. While we believe in supporting and helping other organizations with our grant program, addressing scientific misinformation is of the utmost importance at Project Biotech. We support and promote science that is thoroughly researched and objectively supported through experiments. Scientific misinformation not only hurts a few people; it affects everyone.

*Only organizations promoting accurate scientific information and not contributing to scientific misinformation can take part in our grant program.

Grant Requirements:

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