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Rely on Project Biotech to power you with the smartest possible products.

Our insoles and inserts are the most advanced supports you can buy. Our supplements take advantage of the latest research. And we manufacture products with sustainable science.

Project Biotech takes responsibility for our environment. We make products in small batches with an additive manufacturing process. Every physical product we ship comes to you in recyclable packaging. And we use paper products made from at least 30% recycled content. Even our dark theme website design uses less power.

Being an ethically responsible company means we care about your health. That means your physical health, your mental health, and your digital health. You read that right. Your data, and your privacy matter to us. Our official privacy policy covers partner activities, like Google Analytics. But our profit is the result of our research and our products. Not your data.

We stand behind that statement. And we stand behind the products we create right here in the United States.


Our line of insoles and inserts have a distinctive mesh with a sensation you won't forget. The Patent Pending design adds modern manufacturing to a decades old NASA discovery. But it's more than that. So head to the Thinsole page to find out what else makes them so good.

Project Biotech Nutrition

We examined the world's leading medical research and brought tested results to an outstanding American manufacturer. You can trust our nutrition products will support you with smart science.