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Project Biotech: Putting People at the Center of Personal Fitness Gear

What is Project Biotech?

At Project Biotech we're dedicated to empowering people facing medical challenges. We specialize in personal fitness gear and health accessories that provide trusted solutions for managing health and staying active. Our products are backed by responsible data use and science based innovation, ensuring we provide reliable tools for your health journey.

How Do We Help You Stay Healthy and Active?

Project Biotech designs products to support your health and fitness goals. Our HSA approved custom orthotics and orthopedic shoe inserts are tailored to support some of the more challenging medical issues, helping you stay on your feet and active. We're researching new ways to improve your health and wellness through proper exercise, nutrition, and smart health monitoring.

What Makes Us Different?

Commitment to Social Responsibility

Project Biotech believes in giving back to the community and supporting those who have served our country. We proudly partner with the Lift & Shift Foundation, a charity that helps connect military veterans to science and tech through STEM-based programs. By choosing Project Biotech, you do more than improve your own health and wellness; you contribute to a more sustainable future and make a difference in the lives of military veterans.

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Environmental Stewardship

Our commitment to social responsibility extends to environmental sustainability. We source our nutrition supplements from non-GMO sources and produce our innovative orthotic inserts with advanced sustainability practices. We've researched sustainable shipping strategies from companies like IKEA, Amazon, and Patagonia, and decided to package our orthotic inserts in recyclable zip lock bags. These bags are reusable, widely accepted for recycling, and have a smaller environmental footprint.

Responsible Data Use

At Project Biotech, we prioritize your digital health and privacy. Unlike many companies, we avoid invasive tracking practices. You'll find no Facebook Pixel tracking you here. We only use Google and Microsoft services to help you find us on search engines. You can learn more in our privacy policy linked at the bottom of the page.

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Why Choose Our Custom Orthotics?

Our custom orthotics are designed for specific needs, providing support and comfort for people who need to stay healthy and keep active. Whether you have specific medical conditions or are simply looking for enhanced comfort, our orthopedic shoe inserts are crafted with precision and care. Learn more about how our HSA approved custom orthotics can improve your daily life and support your health goals.

What's Next for Project Biotech?

We are focused on innovating and expanding our product line. Currently, we're developing new health wearables and apps that will further enhance our ability to help you monitor and manage your health without asking you to sacrifice your personal data. Stay tuned for these exciting new products that will keep you active and informed.

Tom - Founder

My mom says I'm a catch. Maybe she said hard to catch? I don't know, but I do run a lot of marathons.

Seriously, when our pandemic started, I was like everyone else. At home, worried about jobs & expenses. I had a 3d printer & put my experience to work, designing arch supports so I didn't need to buy them. Quarantines never seemed to end. So I kept building things. Now we run a small 3d print farm and a few other things.

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