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Superfoods For More Than Smoothies

Check out a couple of our favorite Superfood recipes from our founder & a few friendly foodies!

Most recipes on the internet are web pages packed with content. It's endless, hangry scrolling until you find the food. YAWN! Here it's just enough words so the search engines make sure you get here. We'd rather you spend that time eating healthier. So now you're free to grab our Superfood & check out these scrumptious snacks.

Superfood Oatmeal Recovery Bars

Delicious baked snack bars. Perfect after a long run.

With 1 scoop of our Superfood powder you need one & a half bananas, 2 cups rolled oats, and maybe a scoop of your favorite protein powder. (We use non-GMO PB Fit™ peanut butter powder)
  • Put a banana in a bowl & mash until smooth
  • Add all ingredients & mix consistently
  • Spread mixture to one inch depth in a small baking pan
  • Bake at 350° for 25 minutes
  • Let cool, then cut into bars
Oatmeal Recovery Bars
Pancakes With Syrup

Superfood Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Syrup

The perfect topping for those protein pancakes after the gym.

(We like Kodiak Protein Pancakes because they're Kosher & GMO free)

Collect a scoop of our Superfood, along with your favorite berries and some water. We like raspberries for this. Seriously ‐ Fresh raspberries make this delicious.
  • Add Superfood & a heaping handful of berries to a blender
  • Blend lightly, preferrably on pulse
  • Add water to thin (pro tip: use fresh OJ to sweeten it up)
  • Pour into saucepan & simmer on low to thicken to a syrup
  • Let cool, then top your favorite protein pancakes after a workout

That's all the super food snacks we got for now.

But we'll check in on our Beta Testers program to see if anyone has a recipe to share. That's our nerdy version of those customer loyalty plans at big companies. For now you can skim the rest of our website to read about our "People and the Planet Pledge" or... go get our Superfood!