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The Power Behind Project Biotech

We're a certified veteran owned small business. What else can we tell you?

We're also socially responsible. That means we care about environment and the people in it. We don't make products like everyone else. Making things the cheap way, or the way it's been done for decades, doesn't mean it's the right way. We hope using science for good becomes a legacy passed to the next generation.

Of course we care about you. Wherever you're going, we're here for you. Physically, mentally, and digitally too. Yes. Your digital health matters too. Go ahead and check the source code. You'll find no Facebook Pixel tracking you here.

Tom - Founder

My mom says I'm a catch. Maybe she said hard to catch? I don't know, but I do run a lot of marathons.

Seriously, when our pandemic started, I was like everyone else. At home, worried about jobs and expenses. I had a 3d printer and started designing the arch supports I bought. Quarantines never seemed to end. So I kept building things. Now we run a small 3d print farm and a few other things.